Giving from Gratitude 

Ladies who signed up for the retreat in Newfoundland are up for a very special treat, I am very happy for you to be courageous and trusting. You will be given so much this weekend 🌹.
As I am preparing for the retreat in Newfoundland, I went through some of the training I have experienced in the last three years. It was close to a hundred hours in videos, and that doesn’t entail the hundreds of hours from live events. I have immense gratitude for the Ladies, living Goddesses that taught me. I have several diaries full of notes and self reflection during my learning. 
I feel full. I feel alive. I feel bubbling happiness and gratitude when I look at my photo shoot pictures from last week. I wasn’t like this three years ago. Now I have access to my eroticism which is the life force itself. Not always and necessary sex, but a powerful and joyful multicolored pleasure and curiosity towards life. I can’t wait to share with you Ladies. I am here to help every woman to experience the best version of themselves ❤️💕💃🏻


Feminine every day and I love it!

I just love being feminine, in this energy I feel loving and loved. I feel so much desire toward life! I am connected to my heart and pleasures. 
First when I started to soften to feminine it made me feel lazy and distracted. Feminine is slow and timeless. I would just focus on feelings and feelings good in my body.
But it was because I was learning to be and stay in feminine. It was a learning period, and important. 

Now I can switch back and forth whichever I need, masculine and productive, or feminine and graceful.

One of the best things about being feminine is being gracious and graceful. Receiving and letting others serve me and provide to me. And then thank them with gratitude. I do this everywhere. At work, at cafeteria, restaurants, with friends and my lover. I am present and receiving. Feminine. 

There is no competition. There is just openness to receiving all the good and being a Goddess. Dressing up and showing up with grace.


Thanks for the Guidance- how it pays off to see the Signs 

One day I was feeling miserable after failed dates and a broken marriage. My ex-husband was giving me hard time, and I just felt stuck. I wondered if I ever was going to find happiness and love again. 
I decided to go on FB, and I kept seeing this ad from a woman promoting her Red Tent online event. It kept coming back to my feed in FB and I checked it out, and thought well that does sound interesting. All this talk about ancient feminine secrets about pleasure, what is that? She looked happy and excited. And I signed up. I thank all the possible forces in the universe that I did! 

I have gained enormously since 2013 from all the various teachers I have had the privilege to learn from and meet in person and online. They have facilitated such transformation in me I can’t even believe it sometimes. I have learned new tools to handle challenges and importantly I have transformed my energy!

I have changed from a career woman who had very little patience to challenges in life, to a gracious Goddess. I still have work to do, but I am better in all areas of my life than I was back in 2013. I have learned to love and respect myself and listen to my own needs. That way I have had guidance towards my dream life, and importantly I have taken actions toward getting to where I want to be! Things do change for better, all you have to do is receive the gifts and do the work. I have gained faith and trust that life really is wonderful and worth the challenges! 


5 Ways to Switch to Feminine Energy 

We all know that feeling of running in masculine energy, getting things done, finishing the do list, feeling focused.

How do you switch into feminine energy so that you can soften and receive? In feminine we are open for pleasure and stay in our body.

Here is a list that works for me:

1. Be in presence of masculine. I automatically switch when there’s a man around who takes care of things for me. I automatically surrender and ask for what I need. And when he provides, I show great gratitude! I love that feeling of receiving. And a masculine man loves the feeling of providing because it makes him feel accomplished.

2. Dancing. Music and movement get me back to my body. Feminine energy is in your hips and lower belly, shake, roll, massage, do whatever feels good to move yourself. Really slow down and enjoy your body, feel yourself dancing, connect to your body.

3. Dressing up, wearing a dress and high heels. I feel yummy when I celebrate my beauty by decorating my Goddess body. Every woman is a beautiful Goddess and is worth celebrating! If you feel resistance in this area, it means that you have some blocks that inhibit you from enjoying your true beauty.

4. Flirting with yourself or with someone else. Twirling my hair with my fingers, moving my hips, being slightly sexy, touching myself in thighs or neck…. all these make me light right up in radiant feminine.

5. Goddess spot massage, also known as G-spot massage! This is the area of a woman that stores emotional memories. And can release a lot of stress too! 

The last of the five brings me to the big O which also is a wonderful gateway to your feminine energy. An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away!

Enjoy your body sister!