Ancient Knowledge in Your Body

It has been known for centuries that our pelvic floor and our feminine parts contain the feminine life force that gives birth, nurtures, loves and manifests with incredible power. The portal to your health, pleasure, and life force is your femininity.

Sadly, the modern women have lost touch to their bodily connection to feminine. If we can’t feel our feminine parts, we lose connection to the most important part of ourself, the feminine power, the core of our being.
I can help by facilitating your journey in Feminine Pleasures. Expect a lot of movement and dancing! The topics I will cover via weekly videos are:
1. how to initiate and cultivate sexual energy in a feminine body
2. how to journey into your own pleasure and Goddess energy
3. how to maintain pleasure as your reservoir of energy and creativity
4. dancing and movement to enhance the connection with yourself and your pleasure


My #metoo

My #metoo

I have been surviving.

I have been avoiding.

I have been struggling.

I have been looking away.

I have been putting things off that are difficult.

I have been miserable.

I have been confused and not letting go.

I have been grabbing onto old and blaming so that I don’t have to feel right now.

I have been avoiding feelings.

I have been numb.

I don’t feel the good so I don’t feel the bad.

My body has been numb. It wakes up with the help of dance or energy work.

While hiding this behind a survivor, champion face.

But that’s okay. I am the result of my life experiences. I understand that. I am much better than I have ever been. I look back and I feel sad, proud and astonished of my life and the experiences.

The good I am thankful for, and I see that it’s always available I just need to be aware.

The bad I see and understand that I was confused, I forgive myself.

The childhood abuse experiences I see and I feel protective of myself and my loved ones.

I can finally see it all for what it is. Life and people and experiences.

I see my responsibility and my ability to choose consciously from now on. I see that I can choose the good stuff without guilt and shame.

I feel grounded and satisfied.

I can help you get here, to the good after the confusion.

Free challenge here:


Getting Back to Self care and Erotic Power

I have had some changes in my life that I decided to focus on for a while, and thus I closed my blog and sexuality coaching down. Now I am back, and I feel like a shift has taken place that showed me the importance of the self care and love. I teach self care and self love fro women, and in my own life I have practiced those methods. However, due to the significant changes in my life, there has been less time for self care, and now I feel that. This was necessary because now I know, solid as rock, that these practices are absolutely vital. They are more than necessary, they will keep you women strong, fun, lively and juicy.

The reason why I took the time for my new relationship and step-children was that I have trauma in me, and I wanted to have the energy and focus to hear any triggers that might come up. And I respect my own requests, and I am happy I did. I took the time to listen to all parts in me during the transition, and I made sure I wasn’t exhausting myself, I made sure I got my needs met. It is easy for us women to give, and think that we are loving by sacrificing. And we end up losing our energy, our wellbeing and we become exhausted.

So now I am back, I am here to share again. I feel great and strong, even though I was on the edge of depleting myself. I am back on track of making sure that there is daily, continuous pleasure in my life even after the first heat of the new relationship.

I will be taking you up on a pleasure challenge to start your New Year! It is time to put you first!



Feminine Radiance

Regardless if you are feeling heartbroken or in love, you as a woman have access to your radiance. When I live feminine lifestyle I feel freely, all my emotions are allowed to surface. Even through the painful emotions I still radiate beauty because I show my vulnerability. I choose to build on my life lessons so that I crack open even more. But I also keep strong boundaries that protect me. Being open, vulnerable, gracious and radiant but having clear boundaries is what Queens do well.